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Translation of "die kleine raupe nimmersatt" in French

Comment possibly a glutton for success. Never heard a grab-all in this sense. Comment holger: gannet sl is an English word for a greedy person Nimmersatt.

That's the point. That it also means a bird Sula bassana is additional information. Translation ham-and-eggers Sources Urban Dict: People who always always want more than their entitled to. The ham AND the eggs. Man these, ham-and-eggers just won't realise they're not on the list and they're not getting into this party.

Comment slightly OT, but still.. Comment Why are you digging up questions from ? Comment klaus - will you please stop questioning why people are "digging up" things from whenever??!! Obviously, it's still relevant or else they wouldn't have retrieved it from LEO. Comment Why? Well, let me ask you: Why not?

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Does it occur to you that someone might lookup a word and stumble on a like into the forum? Comment link. Translation Glutton Sources I wouldn't recommend saying 'Glutton'. It's got far too negative connotations. Forums Trainer Courses. LEO: Additional information.

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