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12 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' That Still Disturb Us As Adults

She says she wants to go home, the car shakes, and they take off. Rating: The context of the story may give it a PG rating, but the punchline is just enough to have your kids looking over their shoulder. Rating: Goosebump Worthy! This story may be too scary for little ones and is sure to give you goosebumps.

Premise: One night a girl and her boyfriend are driving home from a night out when their car breaks down. The boyfriend gets out to look for help while the girl locks the car doors and waits for him to return. Rating: This is definitely the scariest story on the list, and may be too scary for young children.

Freak Out Your Friends with These 13 Scary Campfire Stories

Golden Hand Premise: A man meets his new neighbor, a charming young woman who wears black gloves. Doggy Lick Premise: A young girl is left alone for the first time when her parents go out for dinner. The Hitchhiking Woman Premise: Tom, headed home from a party, sees a woman walking along the side of the road. The Hook Premise: A young girl is getting ready for a date with her boyfriend as she hears on the radio a man with a hook for a hand has escaped from the state asylum. Premise: A young woman is on her way home after a night out with her friends. The woman exits the highway and tries to lose him, but the car persists and follows her all the way home.

Get inside and call the police! Splashway Guests. August 27, Splashway is "everything you would want in a summer vacation!

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August 20, Camping at Splashway - "You and your family will love every moment! One day, she buys him a choice cut of liver, but it looks too mouthwatering to pass up, and she eats it. Desperate to replace the liver before he gets home, she steals a human liver from an open casket funeral taking place next door and cooks it for her husband.

The husband scarfs it up, unaware of his own cannibalism, and when a haunt calls out to them in the night, demanding to know who ate her liver, the wife quickly points the finger at her brutish spouse. Coraline, Focus Features and Laika Entertainment. In it, two girls live in a country home and, while playing outside, they meet a mysterious traveler.

Long story short, this repeats for a few days until the nomad girl reveals that it was all a cruel joke on her part and that she never planned on giving up the drum. The girls go home, but when they get there, their mother and brother are gone.


It does, however, instill some of the same profound dread thanks to an existentially fraught premise and a rather petrifying illustration. The thing seems to blip out of their vision twice but finally reappears and walks toward them. By this point, the guys are scared, but they decide to rationalize their fear and take a good look at the thing. His friend is by his bedside as he dies and swears he looks just like the thing they saw.

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The end. Okay, so first of all, what the hell?!

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In it, a young bride plays hide and seek on her wedding day weird reception game choice, but okay. Nothing makes my heart pound with anxiety more than the idea of an avoidable accident befalling an innocent, and the harsh reality of this story — there are no supernatural elements, nor any deranged killers — makes it scarier than most. The first time I saw it, I turned the page and screamed, throwing the book across my fourth grade classroom during silent reading time. In her face!

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And they hatch! Need I say more?! The name is by far the most-repeated answer one gets when asking Scary Stories readers which tale is most firmly lodged in their psyche. One day, the scarecrow makes a sound that the men assume must have been a mouse living in his straw stuffing.

PDF Out on the Never Never (Around the Campfire Book 6)

They consider throwing him in the fire but decide instead to leave him behind when they move their herd. The men are understandably shaken and decided to leave with their cows right then.

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