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Areas of interests includes the history and mythology of national and ethnic identities since the Renaissance, far right ideology and rhetoric National Front , the intersection between cultural, literary and medical discourses on gender and the body, poetry and poetics, narrative forms and their discontent, French cinema and contemporary French literature. She has a blog on contemporary culture, technology, and literature on Arcade. Her latest book is "Marine Le Pen prise aux mots.

It examines how the poetics of French Petrarchan love collections was exploited by the generation of Ronsard and Du Bellay to promote a nationalist agenda, that of a "Defense and Illustration of the French Tongue" and its cultural supremacy.

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Roma: Memini, In other work, she expands the traditional field of Renaissance poetics by exploring new areas of inquiry: multi-authored collections as polemical proto-media The Anatomical Blazons ; the intersection between the emerging field of obstetrics, its book market, and the pre-history of obscenity and pornography "Archeology of a Close-up" ; the instability of gender in male and female lyrics "The Anatomy of Gender" ; or the economy of poetic production "Self-Sustainable Economies," RQ. Within the field of French studies, my work focuses on two historical periods: the Renaissance and contemporary France.

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In both, I am interested in the rhetorical construction, in literary and political texts, of collective and individual identities at critical historical junctures. Kapwani Kiwanga. William Kentridge Stop Here. Notebook from the South African artist featuring fountain pen's drawings and writings with inserted typescripts.

William Kentridge Stop Here — Limited edition. Limited edition of the notebook from the South African artist featuring fountain pen's drawings and writings with inserted typescripts, and an original work, numbered and signed, printed on various formats 's coal mining register, books pages, card stock.

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With this essay on Black British artists from onward, Sophie Orlando explores their influences on the Western contemporary art and introduces readers to an important, long-marginalized movement, recontextualizing it with groundbreaking scholarship. Mario Pfeifer Approximation in the digital age for a humanity condemned to disappear.

This publication describes the making of a multiple-screen video installation made by Mario Pfeifer while living on Navarino Island, Chile. This anthropological film looks at the life of the descendants of the area's indigenous Yaghan people, and portrays a nation and community that is violently undergoing cultural and religious, social, political and economic transformation.

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Documenting a video installation addressing the consequences of historical sea travel. With Rubber Man , Khvay responds to the colonial legacy of land use and its effects on Cambodia's indigenous forests and culture today. Judith Raum Eser. Eser is a comprehensive publication on Judith Raum's works, installations and lecture performance texts from to It is also a theoretical reader and material collection on the semi-colonial advance of German entrepreneurs and bankers into the Ottoman Empire before World War I in connection with the construction of the Anatolian Railway.

Vincent Meessen Third Form. Monograph based on an exhibition project based on a critical rereading of Roland Barthes' writings.

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How did an urban apparatus put in the service of authoritarian power became the place of its undoing: the roundabout revolutions, from South Korea to recent Arab Spring. Elisabetta Benassi King Leopold Soliloquy. This artist's book by Elisabetta Benassi is a faithful reproduction of an original pamphlet by Mark Twain. Yto Barrada Before History.

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An embracive and well-documented overview of three works by Stan Douglas covering the emergence of political and multicultural emancipation projects during the Seventies, from Portugal's revolution and the end of colonialism, to the emergence of multicultural music such as jazz-rock, funk, disco, and afrobeat. Edward W. Invernomuto Negus.

Artist's book based on a complex project linking Vernasca, Ethiopia and Jamaica according to two points of view, placing certain critical moments in Italy's colonial history in relation to the symbolism of Rastafarian tradition.

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Latifa Echakhch. Yto Barrada. Latifa Echakhch Laps. Reference monograph available in English edition.

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Zineb Sedira Beneath the Surface. New monograph based on a recent series of videos and photographs taken in Algeria, through which Zineb Sedira continues to explore issues of cultural identity, displacement and memory with a retrospective of her work since , three essays, and an interview with H.