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Thank you for not calling or texting me as the election results trickled in. Thank you for not gloating when it was over before bedtime, and we knew it. Thank you for thinking about what your first contact would be instead of just reacting.

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I bet having grown children is really challenging. I bet transitioning into that phase of life is difficult.

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You are the father of two daughters — two smart, strong women who you helped raise to know their value and worth. How could you betray us by voting for a man who legitimately thinks he is able to sexually assault women without consequence because he is rich and famous?

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Worse still, you voted for this man despite his choice of Mike Pence as a running mate. You lived in Indiana. You know how that man came after the LGBT community — a community to which your youngest child belongs.

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  6. How could you vote for candidates who think your own daughter is a disgusting affront to their religion? How could you vote for candidates who have rallied crowds of American citizens who would emotionally and physically harm your own daughter if they had the opportunity? What am I supposed to make of your clear lack of concern for the personal safety and well-being of two of your three children? What kind of parent is that? What kind of future have you elected for them? What kind of world will they grow up in? What sort of distorted world view might they develop growing up in a world where Muslims have to register and identify themselves to the public?

    What does this tell them about their own freedom of religion? What kind of people might they grow to be when the deplorables of this country have been uncloseted, when the racists and sexists and homophobics come crawling out of the woodwork and filling our society with their hatred, unfettered? People who used to be justifiably ashamed of themselves and fearful of spewing their detestable rhetoric openly are increasingly brazen. My child will go to school with their children.

    What will she be exposed to? How much damage control will I be able to do? How much harder will I have to fight to ensure that I raise an open-minded, loving, inclusive child? He is a very real, very direct, very imminent threat to the safety of all Americans and, in fact, the entire world. A nuclear holocaust is a very real possibility under his reign. Yeah, Trump promised you a tax break — the main reason you voted for him, because all you care about is money — but he also promised huge tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans you know — his closest friends. The ship is your body which is sailing on the salt flood of your tears.

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    The winds are your sighs. Your sighs and your tears are raging. Unless you calm down, tears and sighs will overwhelm your body and sink your ship. So where do things stand, wife?

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    Have you told her our decision? Test your knowledge Take the Act 3, scene 5 Quick Quiz. Read the Summary Read the Summary of Act 3, scene 5. Romeo and Juliet: Popular pages. Take a Study Break.

    Original Text. Modern Text. I wonder at this haste, that I must wed Ere he, that should be husband, comes to woo. These are news indeed! Tell him so yourself, And see how he will take it at your hands.

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    How now? A conduit, girl? What, still in tears, Evermore showering? The bark thy body is, Sailing in this salt flood.