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Crash the structure and you lose. How do you stack up? Connect 4 is a classic game played and enjoyed by generations. You have to try to get four of the same colored coins in a row to win. They can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The game is easy to learn and play but challenging to win. Endless classic fun for the whole family! Open a world of fun and creativity with Play-Doh! This Pack Case of Colors will inspire endless creativity.

Each can contains 2-ounces of Play-Doh modeling clay and the set includes a nice variety of colors. This set is perfect for play dates and parties.

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Imagine all the creative possibilities! What amazing things will you create? Express your creativity and spark your imagination with Play-Doh. NES Classic Edition. The NES Classic is heading back to stores this summer in miniature form! Classic retro Nintendo games are what gamers demand. It;s the perfect gift for gamers or collectors.

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In this wonderful game of luck and strategy, the object is to drive your opponents to bankruptcy. This version is just as you remembered it, but it introduces a few new tokens like the cat and dinosaur. There are 35 different colors of LEGO bricks with 18 tires and 18 wheel rims. An idea book is included for inspiration.

You can build trains, cars, and so much more. LEGOs provide unlimited play value and kids come back to them time and again. Scrabble is a classic game of creating words and scoring points with tile letters. This game deserves a place in every game collection. The console will feature two SNES controllers. Now this is classic gaming heaven! Are you ready for a Nerf battle. With 6 slam fire darts, the Nerf Strongarm is ready for battle. Designed like a revolver, it features a rotating barrel that pops out with the press of a button when you want to load up the darts.

There are two ways to fire. You can prime each dart and then fire or hold down the trigger for some slam fire action. Every family that has kids should experience the magic and wonder of Elf on the Shelf. This is a Christmas tradition shared by millions of families. That explains how he knows whether children have been naughty or nice. Parents and older siblings will have fun moving the figure around for the little one. Make this joyous and fun tradition a part of your family. Dream big with the new Barbie DreamHouse. The garage fits your Barbie vehicle or camper. These classic toys last forever.

Kids will freak out when they see this Tonka dump truck. Made out of steel and plastic, this ruggedly built truck is strong enough to go through just about any type of abuse or adventure.

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Kids will love playing, banging, dumping, and crashing it all over the house. Relive the exhilarating thrills of racing through the canyons of Tatooine. Will you win the race?

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Still an unbeatable value! Build your Hot Wheels collection with this awesome pack set. You have to rotate a cube with multiple sections until you have all of the same color on a side. It can be quite challenging but there are strategies that can be developed to win the game. Who knew Mr. Potato Head was so funny and could sing?

The new interactive Mr.

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Potato Head has a few new tricks up his sleeve … um mouth. In addition to the classic mix-and-match accessory play, his lips move and seem to have a mind of their own! When attached, his lips sync with songs and phrases. Not only does he move his lips, he comes to life with over 40 phrases and songs to delight and inspire creative play.

So cool! The set comes with Mr. What crazy creations will you come up with? For generations children have experienced the wonder of the Cozy Coupe. It is one of the original ride-on toys and has stood the test of time. Kids have travelled on a variety of exciting adventures with their Cozy Coupe.

Cool features include an ignition switch plus an opening and closing gas cap. The front wheels spin a full degrees and it features a high back seat, supporting toddlers. Discover the classic Cozy Coupe that started it all! Discover what made Stretch Armstrong one of the timeless classic action figures enjoyed by countless generations. Stretch his arms and legs as far as you possibly can and even tie him in twists, and it instantly returns to its original form like magic.

In fact, it stretches up to four times its size. The fun never gets old. Kids will enjoy stretching him over and over and coming up with fun, creative adventures. Standing 4-feet tall, the company offers 5 custom cabinets with 3 to 5 games. The new and improved version features an enhanced speech system, which is vastly easier to understand than the original.

Featuring various play modes and challenge levels, kids will have fun while learning to spell. Build the Spelling Bee champions of tomorrow!

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  6. The faster processor and added memory translate into a better play experience for kids. The original virtual reality pets from the 90s are back with Tamagotchi! Raise your virtual pet — nurture it, feed it, play with it, and more.

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    You can even play games with your Tamagotchi. The little chain allows you to clip it on yourself to take the fun wherever you go. Experience the toy that sparked a revolution! After more than a decade, Tickle Me Elmo is back!

    This little cuddly friend created quite a toy craze back in the day. Elmo is softer than ever, features four levels of laughter, and more activation areas than ever. He loves nothing more than to laugh! Keep tickling him for endless laughs and fun! Choose from a wide range of puppies each with unique facial and eye expressions, ear lengths, and fur colors.